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Electric Pump Unit

What is the needed water inlet pressure for the HI-FOG


Electric Pump Unit?

The required water inlet pressure is 2-6 bar (30-90 PSI) with the required flow (in case of integrated filter). The flow

requirement depends on the system size. If needed, the feed water line can be equipped with one or several feed water pumps.

Feed water pumps can be controlled by the HI-FOG


Electric Pump Unit control cabinet.

How much power does the HI-FOG


Electric Pump Unit need for operation?

The power requirements depend on the size of the pump unit. The required operating pressure and flow determines the amount

and the size of the motors. The first release covers the 27kW motors that are capable of operating at 50Hz or 60Hz for a wide

variety of voltages. Motor start current peak is always higher than nominal current. The peak can be reduced with soft starters

or, in special cases, with additional frequency converters.

How is the operational reliability of the HI-FOG


Electric Pump Unit ensured?

Operational reliability is promoted through internal Controller Area Network (CAN) bus communication, embedded control

system (printed circuit) boards and system pressure monitoring, which are duplicated. Each electric motor also has individual

control circuits to ensure that the unit is able to operate even if one of the motors has a malfunction. The number of wear and

tear components has been minimized for increased system reliability and simplified maintenance.

What kind of information is available via the pump user panel?

The user interface allows access to real-time data from the pump unit and HI-FOG


system status. The event log provides

valuable information for the field service as well as historical event data, for example, for post-fire event analysis. The user

interface gives clear instructions and notifies of the upcoming periodical maintenance.

What are the requirements for the HI-FOG


Electric Pump Unit pump room?

Typically pump units are located in a technical space that contains the water inlet, electric feed, drainage and sufficient service

space. The requirements may vary depending on the system type. The modular structure with mechanical pump skid and

separate control cabinet enables flexible installation and optimized footprint.

Can the unit be installed next to a wall?

Yes, the mechanical pump skid and the separate control cabinet can be installed next to a wall as long as the minimum service

area requirements are met. More information is available on the HI-FOG


Electric Pump Unit data sheet.

What kind of service is needed for the HI-FOG


Electric Pump Unit?

The maintenance routine includes periodical inspections, monthly testing and preventive maintenance services. The service

routines are based on the International Maritime Organization (IMO) performance testing and land approval standards for

fire safety systems and manufacturers’ instructions.

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