Marioff was founded in 1985 with pure entrepreneurial spirit and a motivating mission: to protect people, property and business from fire, on land and at sea. The spirit lives on in a story of continuous growth, and today Marioff is a leading supplier of water mist fire protection systems.

The company's background in marine and offshore high-pressure hydraulics (hence the name, MARIne and OFFshore) led to the development of a fire protection technology which makes use of the best attributes of a truly environmentally benign agent: water. Since its launch in 1991, HI-FOG® has earned a reputation for superior fire suppression performance, and has become the standard for water mist fire protection.

Setting the Benchmark

Key to this success has been the company's extensive research and development program, which is carried out in association with leading independent authorities and fire testing laboratories. Marioff’s greatest reward is the growing list of references and the fires suppressed or extinguished by HI-FOG®, both at sea and on land. Already a trusted solution at sea, HI-FOG® is becoming increasingly important on land. With a growing number of protected installations, the range of HI-FOG®'s marine and land applications continues to expand.