Marioff Factory

Marioff Factory

All HI-FOG®  system components, such as pump units, valves and sprinklers, are manufactured and tested in the Marioff factory by our trained and professional specialists. From there, all the factory components are shipped to our customers world-wide.

We have modern facilities for our production activities: in machining, for example, we are focused on fine mechanical machining using modern CNC machines. Highly trained assembly teams are responsible for both the assembly and testing of our products, and we are continuing to improve our production performance through the utilization of lean tools. In terms of product development and improvements, we work closely with our engineering team in order to ensure we remain an industry leader.

We are extremely committed to employee safety and environmental issues, with our people involved in safety activities on a daily basis. Furthermore, we have a proven record when it comes to high performance. 


Marioff Factory, Kerava

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