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Marioff Leads in HI-FOG® Water Mist Fire Protection Seminar in Thailand Organized by SITEM
9 June 2017

Marioff recently participated in a HI-FOG® water mist fire protection seminar organized by Site Preparation Management (SITEM), an innovative design, consulting and engineering firm based in Thailand. The event, held in Bangkok, educated major fire engineering consultants on high-pressure water mist technology.

“Consultant companies play a key role in the different countries we work in, being an important link between supplier and customer. It is essential to educate them on the high-pressure water mist fire protection technology, which is still considered to be new in Asia Pacific countries,” said Veer Paul-Sharma, sales manager, Marioff Corporation. “The event was appreciated by the local engineers seeking more of these types of events in the future.”

Approximately 50 consultants attended the two-day seminar, along with members of the Marioff sales team. Paul-Sharma presented the key features and benefits of the HI-FOG system and its benefits to the commercial building, industrial and energy sectors. A technical introduction of the HI-FOG system was given by Ilari Takala, technical manager, Marioff Corporation Oy. Takala introduced the HI-FOG pump units, tubes and fittings, installation basics, system types, fire testing, approvals and standards, as well as system design considerations to the participants.


thailand seminar

Approximately 50 consultants attended the HI-FOG seminar.


thailand seminar

The event was highly appreciated by the consultants, listening intently to the presentations about high-pressure water mist.