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Marioff Promotes HI-FOG® Water Mist Fire Protection at NFPA Conference & Expo
13 July 2017

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Conference, held in Boston, was attended by more than 300 exhibitors and 7,000 visitors, along with members of the Marioff marketing and sales teams. At the event, Marioff’s focus was the use of its HI-FOG® high pressure water mist fire protection system for data centers, high-rise buildings and industrial applications.

Marioff’s booth, located in the main hallway of the exhibit floor, was an ideal location to communicate with attendees. Antti Hurme, global account manager, Marioff, conducted Voice of Customer interviews regarding HI-FOG® and received very positive feedback. Overall, the conference was a fantastic opportunity for Marioff to make connections and interact with customers, partners, and colleagues across other UTC companies.

“The event was definitely a great success in terms of the number and quality of visitors. We came back with concrete and tangible takeaways, including more than 250 new contacts”, said Joachim Gabrán, marketing director, Marioff.

In addition to the trade show, the Marioff team also participated in Kidde Fire Systems’ centennial celebration.

Marioff already has plans to attend the 2018 NFPA Conference & Expo together with Kidde Fire Systems. That event will be held June 11-14, at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. 

For more information, contact Mari Makkonen, Manager, Marketing & Communications.


 NFPA Conference 1

Marioff engages with conference attendees at their booth.



 NFPA Conference 2
Marioff promotes its HI-FOG water mist fire protection system at the NFPA conference.



NFPA Conference 3

Marioff team from left: Lorraine Smith, Antti Hurme, Teemu Sipilä, Mari Makkonen, Henri Simula and Joachim Gabrán.