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Marioff’s HI-FOG® selected for protection of the Genesis, the largest cruise vessel in the world
29 December 2006

HI-FOG, the high pressure water mist system supplied by Marioff, has once again turned out to be the preferred choice for the fire protection of a large cruise vessel. Marioff will deliver its HI-FOG system to the Genesis project, being built by Aker Yards, Turku, Finland for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.


At its delivery in 2009, the 220,000 GT Genesis will be the largest passenger cruise vessel in the world. With a length of 360 m, it will be able to carry 5,400 passengers.

The HI-FOG system for the Genesis includes the HI-FOG 2000 sprinkler system. With more than 13,000 sprinklers, it will cover all accommodation, public and service spaces. In the machinery spaces the HI-FOG system will – in accordance with the high safety standards of RCCL – offer a significantly higher level of fire protection than required by the regulations of the International Maritime Organisation. In addition, HI-FOG nozzles will be installed to protect the laundry and galley ducts as well as the deep fat fryers.

As a special feature, the HI-FOG system will be commissioned into use as the ship is being built. As soon as a section has been completed, it will be connected to the active HI-FOG system. Thus the system will provide fire protection for the ship already during construction.

This order confirms Marioff’s position as the major supplier of water mist fire protection for passenger cruise vessels. The present order book includes multiple orders from all four major shipyards building cruise vessels in Finland, Italy, Germany and France.

HI-FOG, composed of millions of fine droplets, is a very effective way of using water to extinguish a fire. In more than 5,000 full scale fire performance tests conducted in operational conditions over more than a decade, water mist generated by HI-FOG technology has proved extremely effective for extinguishing, suppressing and controlling various types of fires onboard. Compared, for example, to a conventional spraying system, HI-FOG technology uses up to ten times less water, thus increasing the capability of the system to fight fires, while minimising the damage.

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