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Marioff’s partner, Instac, promoted HI-FOG® in the Fire Protection for Power Generation Plants –conference in Wisła, Poland
25 April 2016

Marioff’s Polish partner, Instac, participated in the Fire Protection for Power Generation Plants – conference in 14-15 April. The conference was organized by the SITP- Association of Fire Engineers and Technicians under the auspices of the National Institute of Electrical Safety, and attracted altogether 180 power generation professionals.

The conference provided excellent grounds for discussing the fire protection requirements, national fire safety standards and contribution of HI-FOG technology to increase fire safety with the power generation professionals. The attendees included end customers, consultants, engineering companies and authorities.

The program included thematic issues related to the fire safety in power plants, like power generation, transmission and distribution.

First left: Mr. Mieczyslaw Jelonkiewicz (ILF Consultants),  Mr. Andrzej Lesiak (Instac), Robert Mlodozeniec (IP&S), Sofia Taracha (Marioff)  and Pawel Stolarczyk (IP&S)