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Teatro alla Scala - a heritage of Milan
14 April 2005

One of the world’s most famous opera houses, “Teatro alla Scala”, or La Scala, in Milan, Italy celebrated its grand opening on 7 December 2004, after almost two years of thorough restoration.

The restoration of this famous theatre, originally designed by Giuseppe Piermarini and opened in 1776, included the complete removal of the previous back stage machinery and the modernisation of all the technical equipment of the theatre – including fire-fighting systems. All the interior parts of the theatre were dismantled and rebuilt.

The architects and the local fire brigade decided to apply, for the first time in an Italian theatre, a water mist fire protection system instead of a conventional sprinkler or a gaseous system. The HI-FOG system is considered the theatre’s main fire fighting system, protecting in particular the old wooden attics (two levels) over the main stalls’ cupola, the archive of the historical scores, the underground scenery machinery at the bottom level, areas over the sceneries, the technical rooms and the telecom room.

Two different HI-FOG systems were installed: a specific DAU system for the telecom rooms and a Sprinkler Pump Unit (SPU) based centralised system for all other protected areas. More than 300 HI-FOG nozzles were installed.

A high-pressure water mist system was chosen owing to its high fire protection performance and minimal water damage in case of discharge.