Career Story: Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah
Electrical Engineer, Engineering
Vantaa, Finland

My name is Mohamed Salah and I have been working at Marioff since October 2008. I came to Finland to study and Marioff offered me a flexible part-time job as an electrical engineer. Now I have been a full-time electrical engineer here for over five years. Throughout my career my duties have included project design and upgrading project electrical designs, and customer support for electrical design and development projects.

I have had an exceptional experience that has positively changed my perspective for good.

I derive motivation from directly seeing the outcome of my work in the progress of the development projects and fulfilling internal and external customer needs. I am also motivated by the professional and technical experience I acquire.

The working environment at Marioff is both professional and flexible. My colleagues are multicultural, friendly, respectful, fun and have a good team spirit. One of the best experiences I have had with Marioff was the annual Sulkava rowing competition (approximately 60 km in a church boat).

A lot has happened during my years at Marioff. For example, the organization transitioned from an entrepreneur-run company to be a part of United Technologies following its acquisition in 2007. Despite this, the core of my work has stayed the same.