Career Story: Otto Korpenfelt

Otto Korpenfelt
Service Manager, ASIA

I’m Otto Korpenfelt, an automation engineer. Being interested in an international work environment, made me choose Marioff as an employer in 2015. I did service for the HI-FOG® systems travelling all around the world on cruise vessels and in shipyards for 3 years. Now I’m stationed in Singapore as Service Manager, Asia.

I’m responsible for the HI-FOG® services for the marine and offshore customers in Asia region. Service hub in Singapore was started in 2018 when I relocated to Singapore. Main objective is to do Asia based services with the local service team and provide support for the marine and offshore aftersales and new build businesses. As one of the busiest ports in the world with many shipyards, Singapore gives very good opportunity to increase marine and offshore aftersales in Asia.

Now my work consists of field and office work, which makes every day different. Field day can be a jack-up rig service in one of the shipyards in Singapore or LNG tanker service in Japan. During my first year in Singapore I have adjusted to the Asian working culture which is very different compared to Finland.