Marioff as an Employer

Fire Testing Marioff

Working at Marioff

At Marioff we take a genuine interest in our employees’ professional growth, and support their personal interests and skill development. Furthermore, we offer continuous training to our employees in order for them to achieve competitive excellence, and are committed to both employee safety and environmental issues.

There are over 400 motivated professionals working with Marioff in Finland and its subsidiaries.

Work Well-being

The well-being of our staff is very important to us. We provide, among other benefits, an extensive occupational healthcare, lunch, sports and cultural benefits, as well guidance on work ergonomics and regular wellbeing campaigns. We highlight the importance of work-life balance and can provide flexible working arrangements, when required.

Employee Satisfaction

We want to take good care of our people and provide a safe and comfortable working environment. We conduct employee surveys on a regular basis in order to get feedback from our people and further develop Marioff as a workplace.