The BluEdge™ service platform is the best-in-class service and aftermarket offering for our marine customers. Leveraging our history of innovation and Marioff HI-FOG® firefighting system expertise, we instill confidence in fire protection coverage. BluEdge delivers unmatched service experiences, tiered to meet the precise needs of your business.


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Core service tier

If you prefer to maintain your HI-FOG firefighting system yourself, you can call our on-demand expert services. We will provide original spare parts as needed to ensure reliable operation. Book on-demand service visits when you need them. Our professional services are always in compliance with IMO and applicable approvals, standards and authorities’ requirements. After each service visit, you will receive a service report including a list of maintenance tasks performed and recommendations for original spare parts and upgrades. Our dedicated emergency service will support your team remotely 24/7. We can also help you with upgrades and extensions when needed.

Enhance service tier

Designed for businesses who prefer more value-added options, such as a multi-year service agreement and preventive maintenance. If you aim to reduce your costs and improve predictability throughout the lifetime of your HI-FOG system, choose the Enhance service agreement with its many value-added options. Your Enhance service agreement includes many value-added options on top of the Core tier, such as pre-booked preventive maintenance, enhanced breakdown maintenance scheduling and spare parts availability.

Get clear-cut, convenient HI-FOG system lifecycle management, with timed recommendations for upgrades and emergency operation training during preventive maintenance visits. You will also benefit from discounts on service visits and original spare parts. Your dedicated BluEdge team is committed to a response time of two working days for service inquiries.

Elite service tier

This is the most comprehensive service offering, tailored to provide you with peace of mind. Enjoy the benefits of the Elite service agreement customized according to your business needs. In addition to all services and benefits in the other tiers, the Elite agreement includes customized services planning and scheduling with your BluEdge team. A customized services scope enables you to allocate costs across several years for a fixed price, giving you more flexibility with your budget over the lifetime of the system.

With the Elite agreement, we commit to a one working day response time. Your dedicated key account and service managers will make sure your business needs are covered, and that your system is serviced for reliable performance and longevity. Every year, we will invite you to an annual meeting covering the recommendations and feedback from your BluEdge team.