Fire Protection for Hospitals

Fire protection for hospitals

HI-FOG® is a proven fire protection solution which efficiently and effectively protects hospital buildings while posing no risk to patients or personnel. The system’s compactness and flexibility also make it exceptionally well suited to the medical industry.

With its narrow tubing, HI-FOG® is ideal when retrofitting or refurbishing existing hospital; HI-FOG® is also highly flexible and supports many types of configurations, making it easy to implement in new, modern hospital spaces. Furthermore, the system is flexible, as it can either be connected to a municipal water supply or make use of its own water tanks.

HI-FOG® is a high-pressure water mist sprinkler system and requires only a small amount of plain water to generate exceptionally good fire safety. With very little to clean-up, downtime is kept to a minimum and people are inconvenienced as little as possible.

Tested for a variety of spaces, HI-FOG® can protect:

  • Patient rooms
  • Operating theatres, imaging centres, ICU
  • Offices
  • Staff facilities
  • Lobbies and corridors
  • Canteens
  • Kitchen, ducts
  • Technical spaces, storage rooms, laundry facilities, IT rooms
  • Car parks

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