Fire Protection for the Automotive Industry

Fire protection for automotive industry

Automotive manufacturing plants, like many other factories in the manufacturing industry, consist of diverse fire risks, which can derive from the production line and the materials, liquids and equipment used there, as well as different chemical and paint storages, Li-Ion batteries, electrical rooms and office environment. To tackle these various fire risks and to ensure safety of people, property and business continuity, the fire protection system should always be capable of immediate activation. HI-FOG® is therefore the only choice.

HI-FOG® Benefits

With one centralized pump unit, HI-FOG® can protect every space in a typical automotive manufacturing plant. A single fire protection system can be used to combat all the different fire risks (e.g. liquid and electrical fires) typical to this sector while providing a simpler and more cost-effective solution.

The major advantages of HI-FOG® compared to gaseous systems include its ability to be activated immediately and its capability to suppress and block radiant heat (i.e. preventing fire spreading from its origin). This continuous protection keeps the fire under control until a manual intervention and extinguishment can take place. The high quality materials used and the various system configuration options also mean that HI-FOG® is extremely reliable, thus removing yet another risk.

Automotive manufacturing plant owners and operators can be assured of their choice, as HI-FOG® has passed every essential fire test required for use in a typical manufacturing plant. For more information, please read about HI-FOG® technical solutions for buildings and the HI-FOG systems section.



HI-FOG® for Automotive Industry