Fire Protection for Steam Turbines

Turbine edge isometric

Steam turbine generators are critical equipment for industrial processes and power generation. Over time, the industry has become more aware of the fire hazard related to steam turbines, for example, failures in lube oil piping or turbine bearings. Steam turbine fires and unexpected outages carry immense costs — without a fire protection system in place, typical damage may incur a large percentage of unit cost, not including damage to nearby auxiliary equipment. This increased awareness has led to more widespread acknowledgement of the need for additional fire protection.

The HI-FOG®  water mist fire protection system is an FM Approved solution for steam turbine fire protection, offering unparalleled performance and significantly less water usage compared with traditional technologies. Using less water translates into savings when building the fire water reservoir and organizing fire water drainage.

In addition to steam turbine protection, a HI-FOG pump unit can be used to protect related spaces and against several other hazards simultaneously. The use of a well-designed, active fire protection system will prevent the catastrophic costs caused by fires and unexpected outages, ensuring peace of mind and business continuity.

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