Offshore Rig Fire Protection

HI-FOG® is an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly fire protection solution for the varied spaces of offshore platforms and production vessels.

As a high-pressure water mist system, HI-FOG® offers a number of key advantages compared to conventional systems, and these unique features have allowed HI-FOG® to establish a strong standing in the offshore fire protection market. HI-FOG® water mist has consistently been proven to be effective against a wide range of fire risks, and the fact that it doesn’t require air-tight spaces, unlike a number of gaseous sprinkler systems, means that it can deliver excellent performance time and again.

Harnessing Pure Water to Fight Fire

HI-FOG® utilizes the sheer power and efficiency of pure water, meaning it poses no risk to people, equipment or the environment. Low water usage, along with compact and high-quality components, also means the overall weight of the system is kept to a bare minimum.

HI-FOG® has been tested and approved for many types of spaces, including: