PSV Fire Protection

High reliability and availability are two of the most crucial aspects of an offshore Platform Support Vessel (PSV). A fire in the engine room is a very real major risk that could put a PSV out of service for a long period of time, and therefore have a potentially significant financial effect. However, HI-FOG® has been proven to greatly reduce this risk and keep the operational and financial effects of fire to an absolute minimum.

HI-FOG® is able to protect a PSV’s machinery room by taking care of both the local and total protection of the space. In case of fire, the HI-FOG® system is activated instantaneously, thereby ensuring that damage to equipment is minimized. In extreme situations, the HI-FOG system may even allow a vessel to continue its critical operations, as high-pressure water mist does not require the shutting down of a machinery space’s air supply.

Furthermore, the HI-FOG® system is able to effortlessly extend into other spaces, with the system also possessing the ability to protect accommodation and deep fat fryers onboard PSVs.

More information about Machinery Spaces, Accommodation and Deep Fat Fryers and Ducts can be found using the links.