Ferry and Ro-Pax Fire Protection

Marioff HI-FOG Fire Protection - Viking Grace

The fire protection system for ferries and Ro-Pax vessels must protect both passengers and their vehicles. As a high-pressure water mist system, HI-FOG® offers many advantages compared to conventional solutions.

Superior performance combined with minimal water usage mean improved safety, virtually no clean-up costs and little passenger inconvenience. HI-FOG® is ideal for all ferries and Ro-Pax vessels, and offers many benefits by covering virtually the entire vessel with a common pump unit and control system.

One of the most important features of HI-FOG® for Ro-Ro decks is the enhanced safety and stability. Changing requirements for Ro-Ro deck drainage can mean significant modifications when conventional drencher systems are used. With HI-FOG®, however, many of those requirements can be avoided without compromising the ferry's safety.

HI-FOG® approvals cover the following spaces onboard: