Fire Protection for the Offshore Industry

HI-FOG® is an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly fire protection solution for the varied spaces found on both offshore platforms and production vessels.

As a high-pressure water mist system, HI-FOG® offer key advantages compared to conventional systems: not only has water mist has been proven to be effective against a wide range of fire risks, but HI-FOG® delivers excellent performance without the need for air-tight spaces. This has allowed HI-FOG® to establish a strong standing in the offshore fire protection market.

As it uses only small amounts of pure water, HI-FOG® poses no risk to people nor equipment. Furthermore, low water usage along with compact, high-quality components also mean the overall system weight is very low indeed.

HI-FOG® is widely used onboard offshore rigs and platform support vessels (PSV). To find out more, please see: