Machinery Space Fire Protection

Machinery spaces and pump rooms on vessels require special fire protection. The nature of the equipment and the heat they generate can turn small malfunctions into serious fires.

HI-FOG® has two configurations specially designed for these spaces:

  • HI-FOG® total flooding system: fully approved alternative to gas or foam systems for suppressing or extinguishing fires in spaces up to 6 600 m3 (net volume)
  • HI-FOG® local application system: designed and approved in accordance with the regulations for all local application systems, but has proven in real cases that it can also extinguish engine room fires in favorable circumstances without activating a total flooding system.

Both types of systems can be combined into a single integrated system for the vessel. This leads to savings in both installation and maintenance.

HI-FOG Protects All Spaces Onboard


Fire protection for machinery spaces (EN)