Ro-Ro Deck Fire Protection

©Viking Line ABP / Mike Louagie

Ro-Ro decks and special category spaces can be protected by a HI-FOG® sprinkler or deluge system. The system type is chosen based on the vessel type and size, as well as the layout of the car decks.

The basic components of both systems are the same. Both typically use the modular HI-FOG® electric pump unit (SPU) and have either HI-FOG® sprinkler or spray heads. The number of pump modules and exact type of sprinkler or spray head depends on the size and required flow for the protected space. Where the systems differ is in the activation.

The HI-FOG® Sprinkler System

The HI-FOG® sprinkler system is an automatic system that uses wet tubing. The system uses sprinkler heads with heat-sensitive bulbs. When a sprinkler bulb breaks, the pressure in the system drops, creating a flow through the section valves which starts the pump unit.

The HI-FOG® Deluge System

The HI-FOG® deluge system uses section valves that are normally closed, with dry tubing behind the valves. Open spray heads are released in sections when activated. The activation can be manual or automatic using an external signal from a fire detection system.

In accommodation and service areas, HI-FOG® sprinkler heads are normally used. Each sprinkler has a heat-sensitive glass bulb which breaks at the given temperature. When the bulb breaks, the HI-FOG® pump unit automatically starts and water mist is discharged through the activated sprinkler(s). Since the water is sprayed to the space as a fine water mist, water damages are kept in minimum without hampering the fire fighting capability.

HI-FOG Protects All Spaces Onboard