Preventive Maintenance

When you participate in the maintenance program, you are maintaining the reliability of the Marioff HIFOG® system during its entire lifetime. Marioff-certified service engineers ensure your system is maintained according to manufacturer recommendations, applicable approvals and standards.

Marioff HI-FOG system lifetime cycle

Scheduled maintenance visits

During maintenance visits, we verify that the system is operating as planned, check functionalities and change worn parts as needed. A regular maintenance cycle will make your schedule and costs easier to predict and plan in advance. After each visit, you’ll receive a detailed report of the tasks completed and proposals for the next maintenance steps and possible upgrades. If your system hasn’t been serviced for a while, we offer an audit before the maintenance.

5 year service cycle

More extensive maintenance is performed every five years. The components that are susceptible to the heaviest wear are replaced or overhauled according to manufacturer’s system-specific maintenance program. With a BluEdge service agreement, you can spread larger maintenance tasks across several years.

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