Maintenance & Repair Services

You focus on running your business — we’ll keep it safe. Marioff's dedicated key account managers will take care of system monitoring, maintenance planning and frame agreements while you enjoy comprehensive and integrated lifecycle services that blend seamlessly into your business operations.

Preventive maintenance & repairs

Just as any appliance needs care, so too does HI-FOG®. Without regular check-ups and preventive maintenance, the reliability and performance of your HI FOG fire suppression system may diminish. By being proactive with preventive maintenance of your HI-FOG system, you can extend its lifetime and ensure impeccable reliability. 

HI-FOG annual service includes a series of thorough preventive maintenance tasks performed only by experienced HI-FOG service engineers. During maintenance, the general condition and performance level of the system is assessed and the operation of all the essential parts and functionalities is verified. The system is also assessed for compliance with any new rules or regulations, and possible upgrade suggestions are stated in the service report.

At five- and ten-year intervals, your HI-FOG marine fire suppression system will undergo a more thorough inspection and servicing. Our standard service procedures at these intervals include:

  • Full system service, functionality & reliability tests
  • Sprinkler test & water sample collection
  • Valves and pump unit overhaul and replacement (when required)
  • Critical component check combined with overhaul/replacement (when required)


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