Aviapolis Railway Station, Finland

HI-FOG® protects a new underground railway station in Vantaa, Finland. Starting 2015, a commuter train links the Aviapolis area to the airport and the center of Helsinki.

Aviapolis is the first underground railway station in Finland. It is located 40 meters below the ground level, and can fit up to 2000 passengers at a time. In order to ensure large amounts of people can safely evacuate in case of an emergency, an automatic sprinkler system was mandatory.

Marioff’s wide-scale work in the development of water mist technology and investments in fire testing allowed for the appropriate type approvals to suitably protect all necessary areas of the new station with the same system. The choice was also influenced by HI-FOG®’s proven efficiency with minimal amounts of water.

HI-FOG® protects the technical rooms, corridors, platforms, entrance buildings, air conditioning spaces and, as a unique feature, technical machinery within the station’s escalators; an area which is not normally protected in Finland.