CEA Laser Megajoule Data Centre, France

The CEA is a French government-funded technological research organization which is located between Bordeaux and Arcachon on France’s west coast. One of the most crucial and impressive operations on the site is the Laser Megajoule centre, as it allows scientists to recreate thermodynamic conditions similar to those encountered during the operation of a nuclear weapon.

When it came to ensuring the safety of the centre in 2011, the CEA needed a system that was not only full reliable but one which would protect their computing system in case of a fire. Furthermore, they required a unit which could be installed in both their data centre and machinery spaces with minimum disruption. HI-FOG® was therefore the only logical choice, as its water mist protection system was able to offer an unsurpassed level of safety along with a simple and efficient installation.

The HI-FOG® system now protects the entire Laser Megajoule data centre. HI-FOG® was easily adapted to fit the unusual dimensions of both buildings without compromising on safety and the customer has been delighted with the results.