CentrO Oberhausen, Germany

Shopping and leisure centre CentrO in Oberhausen

Customer profile
CentrO in the German city of Oberhausen is one of Europe’s largest shopping and leisure centres, attracting millions of customers to over 250 shops spread over two floors and 125,000 square metres. 
The size and scale of the shopping centre, combined with the value of the contents of the 250+ shops, resulted in the need for a tailored fire safety solution to protect tenants and customers alike.
HI-FOG® solution
Marioff developed an innovative solution for the fire safety at CentrO, combining traditional water sprinklers with an innovative HI-FOG high pressure water mist system to protect the open-top areas of the shopping centre, where the sprinklers would normally be on the roof.
These HI-FOG system sprinklers are located in the walls of the shopping centre and have a throwing distance of 6.5 metres, meaning all floor space is covered. These are activated through the use of an intelligent D&A system installed by Marioff. 
It was crucial that customers were not disrupted during the installation process, so all development work took place outside of the hours of the shopping centre. Due to the shape and size of CentrO, this work was far from straightforward, but using scissor lifts and scaffolding, Marioff was able to install the necessary safety systems. 

"We came to Marioff with a unique request, given the size of our shopping centre, but were extremely impressed with their one-of-a-kind solution. The use of sideways-mounted mist-emitting systems is paramount to the protection of our open-top areas and these cannot be found anywhere else in Europe."
– Guido Geissler, Centre Manager for CentrO