City of Helsinki, 400 -vuotiskotisäätiö, Finland

The city of Helsinki offers supported rental housing for people who are over 65-years-old and have lived in Helsinki for more than 20 years. The rental prices of the apartments are much lower than the market prices, making them more affordable for the Finnish capital’s older generation.

The city’s rescue plan for these apartments required the installation of an automatic fire suppression system which would allow additional evacuation time for the elderly before circumstances become life-threatening. HI-FOG®, with its water mist technology, was therefore installed throughout during the complete refurbishment of the building. 

As the HI-FOG® system was installed simultaneously alongside the pipeline renovation it was possible to use the same pipe routes which allowed for a swift and seamless installation. Although space is tight within the old building, the main components of the HI-FOG® system were easily fitted into the technical areas situated on the ground floor.

The building has four staircases and each is separated into its own area using a section valve, while the GPU system uses the city’s mains water supply as its water source. The building has been classified within the Ordinary Hazard Group 1 (OH1) group. The system is connected to the fire alarm system and the section valves’ electronic signals guide the fire brigade to the correct staircase in case of an emergency.