Jokilaakso Hospital

Jokilaakso Hospital is a public hospital located in Jämsä municipality, Finland. The facility operates with a staff of approximately 200 healthcare professionals who perform nearly 2,000 surgeries per year.

Jokilaakso Hospital’s fire response times were challenged by lack of night staff and limited resident mobility. To best protect residents and staff in the event of fire, the hospital was in need of an active fire protection system. The solution needed to cover several departments, operate independently from the property’s electricity, and take into account a limited water supply. Installation would require strong expertise, as work would take place under strict hygiene requirements in a constantly-operating hospital.

The departments in need were retrofitted with a HI-FOG® Gas Pump Unit (GPU), with the bulk of the installations neatly tucked above the facility’s suspended ceilings. The GPU’s two 1500 liter water tanks – and nearly 400 heat-sensitive sprinkler nozzles – offer a full hour of high pressure water mist protection and operate without electricity, eliminating the need for a backup power supply. The HI-FOG® GPU uses less water and requires less space for the pump unit than a traditional sprinkler system, so the costly structural modifications of adding additional water reserves or large diesel pump units to the building were avoided and indispensable storage space was saved.

"HI-FOG's solution – the GPU pump unit – needs no electricity, requires little water, and uses small pipes. It proved to be just the right solution for our needs. In addition, the installation went smoothly, meeting our strict requirements for cleanliness and safety in the hospital, which remained in operation throughout." Jari Ihainen, Real Estate Manager, Jokilaakso Hospital