Kivistö Wooden Residential Building, Vantaa, Finland

HI-FOG® has been selected to protect Europe’s largest, multi-story wooden residential building which is being built for the 2015 Vantaa Housing Fair. HI-FOG® will protect the seven-story, passive energy wooden residential building including 186 apartments totaling more than 10,000 square meters, and an underground parking area for 80 cars.

The combustibility of wood limits its use as a construction material, according to building regulations in most countries. Finland’s national building regulations permit the construction of three- to eight-story wood-frame residential buildings as long as an automatic sprinkler system is installed throughout.

The main constructor, Rakennusliike Reponen, has developed a unique PuuMera building concept which highlights the use of energy efficient building methods. “Thanks to the automatic, high-pressure water mist system, fire safety is no longer an obstacle for using wood in construction. With the HI-FOG® solution responding to our requirements for sustainability and proven performance in fire suppression, we can demonstrate that multi-story wooden residential buildings can be safer than buildings made of concrete in terms of fire safety,” said Mika Airaksela, Managing Director, Rakennusliike Reponen.

“Using significantly less water than traditional sprinkler systems and requiring less tubing material, the HI-FOG® solution minimizes the carbon footprint of the fire protection system,” said Jaakko Kääriäinen, manager, Marioff Finland. “This makes it well-suited to Rakennusliike Reponen’s PuuMera concept.”