Näsinneula Observation Tower, Tampere, Finland

Näsinneula is the tallest observation tower in the Nordic countries. From the top of the 134-meter high tower, visitors can see a panorama of the Tampere city centre from either the observation deck or the rotating restaurant.

HI-FOG® protects the restaurant, the equipment rooms and the emergency exit staircase. The system consists of a modular electric pump unit, an 18m³ water tank, four section valves and 276 sprinklers. The HI-FOG® system is integrated within the tower’s automation systems and takes up very little room in a structure where space is at a premium.

The biggest challenge facing this operation was the limited space reserved for the automatic fire suppression system. One of HI-FOG®‘s many benefits is that it works perfectly despite the considerable differences in height and uses considerably less water than traditional systems.