NorthC Datacenters Eindhoven, The Netherlands

NorthC Datacenters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

NorthC is the largest regional data center business in the Netherlands. Their facility at Eindhoven is the first carbon negative data center in the world that also holds a Tier 4 certification, the highest guarantee of reliability possible.

Eindhoven’s Tier 4 certification means that failure of their digital systems must be avoided at all costs. All systems and installations at the 1,200 m² facility must be redundant and separate. This meant thinking through the fire protection plan from the ground up, while simultaneously meeting the fire suppression challenges of high airflow and power density presented by data centers. Finally, Eindhoven’s commitment to cradle-to-cradle sustainability principles meant accounting for water usage.

A Marioff HI-FOG® fire suppression system was chosen to protect the site. The system discharges high pressure water mist that effectively suppresses, controls and cools fires. HI-FOG uses less water than traditional sprinkler systems and minimizes water damage in the event of fire. The fire safety concept for the facility was developed in collaboration with RHDHV and FireX. For Eindhoven, detection was made highly sensitive, with automatic and localized discharge to protect the data center’s business continuity — a tailor-made, premium fire protection solution for protecting the most critical data.