NorthC Datacenters Groningen, The Netherlands

NorthC Datacenters in Groninge, the Netherlands

NorthC is the largest regional data center business in the Netherlands. The facility at Groningen is a multi-tenant data center with customers across industries. One significant client is Overheids Datacenter (ODC) Noord, one of the four government data centers in the Netherlands, underscoring the need for uninterrupted operation.

Business continuity at NorthC Groningen, as for all data centers, is paramount. Fire suppression in the facility is particularly challenging because of the need for the high airflow and high-power density. Groningen is a Tier 3 facility with 1,000 m² of space to protect. The facility is in a quickly developing digital ecosystem in the northern region of the Netherlands.

NorthC Groningen ultimately chose Marioff HI-FOG® as the fire suppression solution to protect their critical infrastructure via Marioff’s partner FireX with a complete suppression and detection system. HI-FOG discharges high pressure water mist that effectively suppresses, controls and cools fires. It uses less water than traditional sprinkler systems, minimizing water damage in the event of fire and reduces the possibility of a false discharge when compared to gas suppression.