Radio France Building, Paris, France

The renowned Radio France complex consists of a 68-meter-high, 22-storey building surrounded by the distinctive ‘la Maison Ronde’ structures and is located on the banks of the River Seine in Paris’ 16th district. The buildings were inaugurated in 1963 by Général Charles de Gaulle and are home to every public radio station in France.

 The renovation highlights Marioff's expertise in heritage site installations and is a veritable showcase for the HI-FOG® water mist fire protection system range. The HI-FOG® solution protects the entire tower, including offices, archives, IT facilities and technical spaces.

Radio France chose HI-FOG® because of its technical and environmental features. HI-FOG uses only small amounts of water and is easy to retrofit thanks to narrow tubing. Furthermore, large water reservoirs, necessary when installing traditional systems, were surplus to requirements, as the HI-FOG® system uses the building’s mains water supply. The installation was carefully planned to ensure minimal interference to the daily operations that were ongoing during the process.