Teylers Museum Haarlem, The Netherlands

Teylers Museum

Teylers Museum, located in Haarlem, Netherlands, opened to the public in 1784. For centuries, this “Museum of Wonder” has been a hub for the exquisite and the strange, from art and fossils to imaginative contraptions and precious books.

Teylers Museum is the oldest museum in the Netherlands, and a Dutch heritage site. The Oval room, the historical centre of the museum, stands as a stunning example of neoclassical architecture. Over the years, there have been several extensions, each designed with the sensibilities of their day. The historical significance of the site meant that the fire protection solution had to be implemented with utmost care, complying with all local regulations while serving the needs of each unique space.

Marioff partner FireX, developed and implemented the Marioff HI-FOG® fire protection solution fed by an MSPU2 pump. The system was implemented with the ability to control fires locally. It will protect the art and book collections, instruments, coins and other precious items from already from the 18th century.

The high-pressure water mist uses less water than a traditional sprinkler system, which minimises damage in the event of a fire. The water is transported through small pipes that were retrofitted specifically for the site, and the system’s nozzles were selected for their ability to blend seamlessly into the historic interiors.