The Brent Civic Centre, UK

Brent Civic House in the UK, photo by Skanska

Brent Civic Centre serves as the headquarters of Brent Council, a London Borough local authority. It is situated in the Wembley Park area of Brent and opened in 2013 and was designed to be the greenest public building in the UK.

The Centre needed an efficient and environmentally sustainable fire protection solution for the one-of-a-kind nine-storey building. The structure features a five-storey atrium, which doubles as an events venue, and a drum-shaped area that hosts a wide range of government functions, community events, and services. The unique structural requirements and responsibility of protecting more than 2,000 staff members, plus the public, called for a reliable and trustworthy partner in fire protection.

Brent Civic Centre chose Marioff HI-FOG® as an efficient and environmentally responsible solution. The fire suppression system put in place, validated by real fire tests, discharges fine water mist particles to efficiently cool radiant heat. This is accomplished while using significantly less water than a traditional sprinkler system — in keeping with the Centre’s sustainability focus. HI-FOG® provides peace of mind to administration while safeguarding lives and ensuring continuity for the critical city hub.

Photo: Skanska