The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, Espoo, Finland


HI-FOG® protects the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia. The centre signals a new era of wood building and the environment has been taken into account in every aspect of the nature centre. HI-FOG® has been skillfully installed into building fitted with the latest ecological solutions.

Located in the wilderness of Nuuksio National Park, Haltia needed a system that would not require municipal water supply or large water reservoir. HI-FOG® came in as an ideal choice due to its little water requirements and compact water tank. Furthermore, Marioff provided a diesel generator to ensure operational continuity in the entire building in case of power outage.

The entire building has been classified as Ordinary Hazard Group 1 (OH1).  However, restaurants, shops and high exhibition area have been classified as OH3. To minimize the risk of accidental discharges, the exhibition rooms and -storage are protected by a pre-action unit which activates only after a fire has been detected and ambient temperature is high enough to break the bulb.