The National Library of the Czech Republic Clementinum, Praque

The National Library of the Czech Republic is an iconic and well-loved institution in the city of Prague. Built over 400 years ago, the library holds more than six million volumes and serves the needs of more than one million visitors every year. Due to the history of the building and its priceless and irreplaceable historic books, the refurbishment that occurred in 2011 had to be meticulously and sensitively planned.

The project required a fire protection system that would not upset the building’s ecosystem nor cause any damage to the interior. Furthermore, it had to cause minimal damage to the books in case of a fire. HI-FOG®’s GPU unit was therefore chosen due its small pipe diameter, inconspicuous installation and ability to work alongside existing systems. Furthermore, HI-FOG®’s water mist technology means that the books will be subjected to only a fraction of the water that is required by more traditional systems.

Having consulted a number of other historic building refurbishment projects, it became abundantly clear that HI-FOG® was the best choice. Once installed, the customer noticed a number of other HI-FOG® benefits. Not only are four floors of the library now protected using the system, but there is no need for an electric supply to keep the GPU unit running and it requires only minimal storage space. It is also able to work alongside the other systems already in place and enhances their ability to protect one of the Czech Republic’s most important structures.