Warsaw Spire, Poland

The Warsaw Spire is an office building complex in Poland. It’s been constructed by the Belgian real estate developer Ghelamco Group. The complex consists of a 220-meter main tower and two 55-metre auxiliary buildings. The main tower is the 14th tallest building in the European Union. HI-FOG® protects people, property and business continuity in all three buildings.

Poland’s fire safety regulations contain very restrictive requirements for passive fire protection in high-rise buildings. Provision of an active fire protection system made it possible to compensate certain structural requirements without compromising on safety.

HI-FOG®’s quick response time and cooling characteristics made it an ideal choice for the site. Safe evacuation is ensured by quick control and suppression of fire. Thanks to efficient cooling, installing fire-resistant measures was no longer required resulting in overall cost savings.

“As the General Contractor we appreciate HI-FOG®’s  flexibility, smaller dimensions and ease of adaptation to changes at the fit-out stage. Additionally, the required water tank capacity is smaller than in traditional sprinkler systems. For tenants, the crucial advantage is that high pressure water mist generates less loss in their belonging when the system operates and it can also be used in IT rooms. Due to all those merits high pressure water mist system is preferred by us on future projects. Very good experience with Marioff on Warsaw Spire project gives prospects to future co-operation,”  stated Mr. Arnold Neuville, General Technical Director of Ghelamco Poland

Image ©Ghelamco Group