ENDESA Diesel Power Plants, Spain

ENDESA is one of the main power (generation and distribution) players in Spain. Furthermore, it is responsible for handling all the power on the Canary Islands, as it owns power generation diesel plants on every island.
At its Lanzarote plant, ENDESA wanted to protect a 500m long cable tunnel, a control room and an oil trafo; at the Fuerteventura plant, a 400m cable tunnel needed to be fire-proofed. The HI-FOG® high pressure water mist system has proven to be a very suitable way of protecting cable tunnels, as only a small amount of water is discharged and fire suppression is achieved quickly and efficiently.
At both plants, a MSPU3 was installed given the cable tunnel was the most demanding risk. The customer was highly satisfied with the system, and they are now fully aware that a number of other risks can be protected in the future using the actual MSPU3, section valves and the appropriate nozzles.