Stena Estrid

HI-FOG® high pressure water mist fire suppression system now protects Stena Estrid – the latest addition to Stena’s fleet for Irish Sea routes.

The modern Ro-Ro ferry Estrid is the latest addition to Stena’s fleet and offers a choice of crossings on the Dublin - Holyhead route with fantastic facilities to enjoy onboard. Carrying up to 1000 passengers, the ferry is decked out with two movie lounges, a Sky Bar, the Hygge Recline Lounge, two play areas as well as an exclusive Stena Plus Lounge - offering passengers a superb travel experience. Stena Estrid was built at China's AVIC Weihai Shipyard Co, and is the first of three "next-generation" ferries Stena has commissioned for its Irish Sea routes.

“HI-FOG protects all accommodation and machinery spaces on board the vessel according to the Safe Return to Port requirement. The project included material delivery and commissioning and took just over two years to complete. The Estrid project was especially interesting for us as it is one of the first Marine applications using our newly developed networking EPU pump units.

This case provided us with valuable experience in terms of further improving methods of collaborating with partners in China. Working with Estrid also contributed to our already strong relationship with Stena, and we are very happy to have HI-FOG onboard ensuring passengers stay safe while enjoying their travel experience.”

Yan Linnas,
Project Manager
Marioff Corporation