Upgrades and Modifications

Marioff provides system upgrades and modifications to ensure your HI-FOG® system meets any new fire safety regulations that may be introduced, as well as extending the lifespan of your system.

Upgrades and modifications

The requirements for any given HI-FOG® installation may change over time, but updates and modernizations are an economic alternative to investing in entirely new solutions.

Existing HI-FOG® systems can be upgraded to meet new redundancy requirements or extended protection requirements, such as the need to cover new spaces or the introduction of new fire safety regulations.

Innovative and Constant Modernization

Marioff's continuous research and development brings constant improvements to the fire-fighting capabilities of HI-FOG®. Bringing these improvements to your system through updates and modernizations enables the system to increase both its performance and its operating life.

Existing systems can be upgraded with the latest components to extend the system's life, improve performance and meet new regulations or fire protection needs. Changes in spaces protected by HI-FOG®, for example new ceilings or sub-division walls, can be accommodated by system modifications. System upgrades can also consist of new protected areas or new features, such as increasing the system's performance and adding redundant features to machinery space protection.