NFPA 750

In 1993, the NFPA 750 Committee was established in order to draw up an installation standard for water mist fire protection systems. Due to the rise in popularity of this type of system throughout the preceding years, it was felt that a guideline applicable to all water mist systems was required.

Basic Set of Technical Rules

The NFPA 750 documents a number of aspects and regulations concerning water mist systems, including categories, testing, design, components and basic stipulations. This set of ever-evolving guidelines allows Marioff to continually work to improve its HI-FOG® system within an internationally agreed set of regulations. Even though NFPA standards are US based fire safety codes, in many occasions they have become a worldwide standards which customers are often referring to.

Clarity among the Industry

From a customer perspective, standards such as the NFPA 750 bring some value and clarity to the industry as they request that companies follow the set minimum criteria. For instance, the NFPA750 standard requires a performance-based approach from all water mist providers, which are, in turn, obliged to test and demonstrate their system performance against real fires prior to customer projects.

Marioff regularly participates in the standardization work of the NFPA 750 Committee, as well as the CEN water mist Working Group under Technical Committee CEN/TC191 (Europe), and is committed to helping advance and implement its work.