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Marioff HI-FOG system components

HI-FOG® water mist fire protection system components are the key to effective fire protection. Each HI-FOG system is tailored with a unique set of specialized components optimized to suit your specific fire protection needs, on land or at sea.

Read more about our high-quality HI-FOG system components below. We’ll help you choose the best components to suit your fire protection needs. If you need spare parts, please contact Marine services or Land Services.

Water mist fire suppression system components
Water mist fire suppression system types
Marioff high-pressure water mist discharge from two spray heads over flames in fire test permises.
Tested and type approved water mist suppression systems
Thousands of full-scale fire tests conducted ensure that our products and systems meet the highest quality standards, are certified for the intended use and meet the needs of your business.
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Close up of a glass wall on the Warsaw Spire high-rise building.
Water mist protects both people and buildings from fire
Advanced Marioff HI-FOG water mist fire suppression systems secure the fire safety of a wide range of buildings, industrial processes and equipment as well as infrastructure. We help keep people safe and your operations running by providing peace of mind to you.
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The stern of a sailing cruise ship, the Oasis of the Seas.
We are experts on water mist systems at Sea
Fire protection at sea is especially demanding, with many requirements in place to ensure maritime operations remain safe from fire. We have gained experience from thousands of marine projects for various ship types ranging from luxury yachts to supply vessels and offshore applications. We offer unrivalled expertise for ensuring the fire safety of your ship.
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We are here to help you
Would you like to know more about HI-FOG fire protection
or our BluEdge™ services? Please be in touch.
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