In 1985, we had an entrepreneurial spirit and mission: to protect people, property and business from fire, on land and at sea. We used our know-how and background in marine and offshore high-pressure hydraulics to develop fire protection technology that uses an environmentally sustainable element – water. Our name, Marioff, refers back to those days: MARIne and OFFshore.

Since its launch in 1991, our Marioff HI-FOG® water mist fire protection system has had a reputation for reliable fire suppression performance, and has become an industry benchmark for water mist fire protection. We have promoted setting standards for water mist fire protection systems globally since the 1990s.

Today we are a leading supplier of high-pressure water mist fire protection systems, and the challenge of keeping your people and business safe continues to drive our team of specialists forward. No matter if the operation is on land or at sea, we find solutions that fit our customers’ needs best.

With us, our customers not only get a high-pressure fire protection system, but also a complete end-to-end solution with professional support every step of the way, right from design and turnkey deliveries to upgrades.

Being a pioneer in the industry with thousands of deliveries of high-pressure water mist systems, we are your trusted experts in water mist fire protection solutions and services.

There are hundreds of motivated professionals working at Marioff. Our head office and factory are in Finland, and we have subsidiaries in China, France, Germany, Italy, North-America, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom. We service customers globally together with our certified partners.