Battery energy storage systems are coming online at a rate not seen with other industrial investments. Li-ion battery technology has become a standard solution in this application due to its technical performance. However, its unique fire hazard is a concern in the industry, increasing the need for dedicated Li-ion battery fire suppression solutions.

Li-ion battery fires are unique fires to suppress as they involve a varying mixture of combustible solids, liquids and gases depending on the chemistry of the battery.

Fires and accidents are possible when the chemically-stored energy in the batteries is released in an uncontrolled manner. This can be caused by structural defects, technical defects, or improper use – including mechanical damage to the protective casing, thermal strain caused by external heating, and overloading.

Thermal runaway – regardless of how it has been initiated – is the major fire risk related to Li-ion batteries. Battery manufacturers concentrate a lot of effort in preventing thermal runaway from occurring, but – despite all safety measures – it may still happen. When it does, an active fire protection system is needed to extinguish any resulting fires and prevent the fire damage from spreading to adjacent battery modules.

"High pressure water mist protection provides good heat mitigation at module level in addition to providing full battery space protection from external fires. It also has good gas absorption and gas temperature reduction capabilities.” (Source: DNVGL Technical Reference for Li-Ion Battery Explosion Risk and Fire Suppression, 1144K9G7-12.

Water mist fire protection system

We have years of experience in fire protecting battery energy storage systems. Marioff HI-FOG® water mist fire suppression system has been proven in full-scale fire tests with various battery manufacturers and research programs. The HI-FOG system ensures the fire safety of Li-ion battery energy storage systems.

The HI‐FOG water mist fire protection system has several advantages over traditional sprinkler systems for Li-ion battery fire suppression:

  • Rapidly extinguishes all fires external to the module (plastic housing, cables, volatile gases emitted from the module, etc.)
  • Cools batteries effectively and prevents thermal runaway in the adjacent battery modules and battery racks
  • Cools combusting materials and ambient gases instantly, which significantly reduces the volume of smoke spreading to the surroundings
  • Effectively reduces gas concentration to below the level of a non-explosive environment, making the space safer for first responders