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An offshore drilling platform.

Fire protection for Offshore

Marioff HI-FOG® is an efficient, safe, and environmentally sustainable fire protection system for a variety of spaces found on both offshore platforms and production, wind turbine installation (WTIV) and cable laying vessels. The HI-FOG high-pressure water mist system is highly adaptable and can be tailored to suit your specific and challenging requirements for effective fire protection offshore. We help keep people and operations safe as well as provide peace of mind.

The HI-FOG system complies with IMO and NFPA as well as other offshore standards, delivering the performance and reliability needed to ensure operational continuity and personnel safety at sea.

Water mist fire protection system

HI-FOG firefighting systems are tailor-made to fulfill your needs and specifications, designed specifically for tough offshore conditions. The water mist system has consistently proved to be effective against a wide range of fires in full-scale fire tests.

The system suppresses and controls fire by using micro-droplets of water, which represent water in its most effective firefighting form.

Our unwavering commitment to safety, coupled with over 30 years of experience in demanding offshore solutions, is the reason why many major petrochemical companies rely on us for fire protection. Reliability and availability are two of the most crucial aspects of the offshore industry.

Fast and reliable fire protection

Unlike gaseous systems, the HI-FOG high-pressure water mist system is safe and can be activated immediately, before evacuation. It doesn’t require air-tight spaces.

Low water usage, along with compact and high-quality components, also means the overall weight of the system is kept to a bare minimum.

These unique features, combined with the possibility to keep the operational and financial implications of fire to an absolute minimum, have allowed us to establish a strong standing in the offshore fire protection market.

Spaces we protect
Marioff high-pressure water mist discharge from two spray heads over flames in fire test permises.
Tested and type approved water mist suppression systems
We make no compromises in protecting life and business. Our in-house R&D, manufacturing and quality control with actual fire tests have shaped HI-FOG into a top-notch fire protection system. Thousands of full-scale fire tests have been confirmed by internationally recognized organizations. This approach ensures that our products and systems meet the highest quality standards, are certified for the intended use and meet the needs of your business.
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A machinery space in a marine vessel
Machinery space fire protection
Machinery spaces and pump rooms on vessels require special fire protection. We offer specially designed water mist fire protection systems for spaces like marine engine rooms.
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Two Marioff BluEdge service personnel working on a HI-FOG Electric Pump Unit.
Comprehensive lifetime services
We’ll support you over the complete lifecycle of your vessel, from the initial design of the fire protection system to lifelong maintenance through the BluEdge service platform.
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