In complex and large office buildings, you need a top-notch commercial fire suppression system to protect people, your business continuity and bringing you peace of mind. The Marioff HI-FOG® fire suppression system is exceptionally well suited to fire protection for office buildings, where full coverage can be challenging, and the layout continues to evolve over the years.

The high-pressure water suppression system discharges a fine water mist at high velocity and requires only a small amount of pure water to suppress an office fire effectively.

Easy-to-install system

The system has narrow, stainless steel tubing and compact components, making it the perfect choice for challenging and evolving office layouts. Without significant water supply requirements, HI-FOG is a truly flexible system for installation into new office spaces – as well as older buildings.

When designing a new office building, the HI-FOG water mist suppression system will help you to save space thanks to a smaller water tank and pump room. You can use those square meters for a profitable purpose, such as rooms or parking.

Tested for a wide variety of spaces, HI-FOG can protect:

  • Lobbies, corridors
  • Office rooms, open areas
  • Canteens
  • Kitchen, ducts
  • Auditoriums, conference rooms
  • Saunas, recreational facilities
  • Technical spaces, storage rooms, IT rooms
  • Car parks
Fire protection for sustainable offices

The HI-FOG fire suppression system stays in standby mode most of the time, where it consumes minimal power. Environmental impact during system testing and release is near zero, because HI-FOG suppresses with pure water mist only.

The HI-FOG system complies with relevant regulations.

HI-FOG requires only a small amount of plain water to generate extremely effective fire protection performance. With very little water damage and clean-up, business downtime is kept to a minimum and your building stays healthy for all occupants.