Your safety is our expertise. When you choose the Marioff HI-FOG® water mist fire suppression system, you get an original system manufacturer as a partner who will help you maintain the system and keep it operational, upgraded and fully certified throughout its entire lifetime. We are at your service during every step of your water mist system’s lifecycle, offering top-quality support. We want to keep people and business operations safe.

Expert water mist fire suppression system services

We are always ready to help you with commissioning, preventive maintenance, training, repairs and spare parts, as well as system upgrades and extensions. Thanks to our strong global service network, we can provide you with prompt and expert support all over the world.

Our Marioff-certified service engineers will ensure your system is maintained according to applicable international approvals and standards, as well as local and authorities’ requirements. Regular maintenance lowers the lifetime cost of the system, reducing your operating expenses and keeping your budget and calendar steady.

We introduce lifecycle services to HI-FOG water mist systems for increased reliability, extended operating life and safety.