Water mist consists of very small water droplets. The superior fire suppression capability of water mist is based on evaporation: when tiny water mist droplets turn into vapor, a great amount of energy is absorbed from the fire. This makes water mist an excellent choice for fire protection. Water mist fights fire in three ways. Each of these methods affect the three elements in the “fire triangle”, which consists of oxygen, heat, and fuel.


Cooling the heat

The cooling effect of water mist takes place when the water mist droplets absorb the heat radiation from the fire. This prevents and reduces damage to people and property.

Wetting the fuel

Wetting the fuel and the area around the fire is an effective way to suppress fires involving solid fuel, and it also prevents the fire from spreading to other areas.

Displacing the oxygen

The oxygen displacement happens at the heart of the fire when the water mist droplets turn into vapor and take oxygen from the fire.

High-pressure water mist systems

The pressure employed in the water mist fire protection system is a key aspect in the quality of water mist. The properties of the water mist directly affect how successful water mist is in firefighting. We at Marioff have been the pioneers of efficient and safe water mist-based fire protection with our HI-FOG® high-pressure water mist fire protection systems. Through innovative product development, relentless testing, and decades of experience, our high-pressure water mist systems set the highest standards.

Water mist system performance

There are many factors which affect the performance of a water mist system:

  • Water mist spray quality
    • Water pressure
    • Droplet size distribution
    • Flux density
    • Spray dynamics (e.g., speed of the droplets)
  • Water mist system type
  • Sprinkler and spray head spacing
  • Size and features of the protected space

With our expertise, we can help you to choose a water mist system to fit your unique needs exactly.

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