Thanks to our innovative engineering, extensive testing, and customer-based approach, we can provide you with unique fire protection solutions tailored to your needs. With us, you will enjoy all the benefits of HI-FOG® water mist fire protection systems.

Reasons to choose HI-FOG water mist systems:
  • Excellent firefighting performance proven through recognized third-party testing and approvals
  • Low water usage that minimizes water damage, renovation cost, and business downtime
  • Water mist is a safe choice, both for people and for the environment
  • High-quality system components that ensure a long system lifetime, making HI-FOG systems a sensible choice both ecologically and economically
  • All systems are fully scalable to cover various needs
  • Easy installation saves time and is cost-effective
  • Space-saving piping and water supply solutions leave more room for your operations
HI-FOG water mist systems are a safe and easy choice for fire protection

HI-FOG fire protection systems are a result of a simple yet brilliant innovation which allows fighting fire with minimal water amounts: the combination of high water pressure and specialized sprinklers and spray heads allows the fine water mist to disperse effectively. The water mist produced by HI-FOG systems is therefore optimized specifically for fire protection purposes.

Adaptability to various locations

What’s more, the HI-FOG fire protection technology is incredibly versatile. While HI-FOG systems were initially designed for large cruise ships, they have now become available for a wide array of destinations ranging from industrial applications to buildings. HI-FOG high-pressure water mist systems offer you protection and peace of mind both on land and at sea.

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